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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 13, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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connors. >> i'm via sikahema. how about a tip of the hat to krystal klei, the one who had the presence of mind to wear an eagle green dress. midnight green? >> i think it's old school -- >> yeah. >> it's green, though. >> green to work. >> awesome. >> yeah, you know, i can tell that you guys are super excited because normally on a friday, the excitement is up. it's like way up here today. i like it. let's look at your radar and satellite to start. we've got clouds across the entire area just like yesterday. the difference from yesterday is we also had a lot of rain yesterday morning. we don't today. a few sprinkles trying to make their way over delaware beaches, parts of sussex county. everywhere else is dry now. a little breezy and cool to start our morning. look at the temperatures -- we're at 57 in philadelphia. 52 in pottstown. 50 allentown and 43 in mt. pocono. atlantic city at 62 degrees. a little warmer farther south. temperatures like yesterday are
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going to cap out in the 60s. we will not see the rise to the 70s or 80s. that comes starting tomorrow. look at the trend for today. we get those mid 60s in the afternoon hours. the forecast high temperatures mid to upper about as good as it will get. that warming trends -- the warming trend hits hard over the weekend. more coming up on saturday and sunday in a few minutes. we'll talk traffic now with pamela osborne. >> thank you. still watching that vehicle accident that caused a downed pole out on route 130 in cinnaminson township at riverton road. the southbound lanes are closed. trying to get around this, take taylor avenue, get yourself to rivers road and get around the detour or closure that's in effect. i want to look at 95 at route 1. i'm pulling up the camera because there's a disabled vehicle there. and a ramp restriction. because of it, this is route 1, the northbound lanes. you can't see it in the camera, but it doesn't appear to be
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slowing anything down or causing too big a problem there. let's look at mass transit before i go. amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco transit running on time this morning. 6:02. here are the headlines -- the white house says it plans to cut subsidies for health care insurers. the announcement came just hours after president trump signed an executive order that could unravel obamacare without a congressional repeal. the plan allows insurance companies to sell cheaper policies with less coverage than the affordable care act requires. democrats say the president's moves will hike premiums for everyone. a major closure on the pennsylvania turnpike. it will be closed from the allentown to the pocono exits for the entire weekend. crews will be replacing a bridge at mile marker 57. the closure begins tonight at 9:00. it will last until 4:00 monday morning. the eagles are on a roll. carson wentz throwing through
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touchdown bosses. the defense forces three interceptions. the division-leading birds improved to 5-1. next up, monday night football against washington at the linc on october 23rd. happening now, the search for an escaped prisoner in philadelphia. authorities say alex alvarado was in their custody at temple university hospital before he took off yesterday afternoon. he has a lengthy criminal history. police say he was recently arrested for stealing a car and for a gun violation. questions remain about the timeline of the events during the las vegas shooting massacre, and it is now a difference between minutes and seconds. according to u.s. officials, the mandalay bay hotel waited to call police after stephen paddock fired shots at one of its security guards. the official claims that police were not called until six minutes later when paddock started firing into the crowd below, killing 58 and injuring hundreds.
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the hotel's owner is disputing the claim. mgm resort says the shootings happened at the same time or within 40 seconds after the guard called for help. the casino company says police were in the building at the time and responded immediately to the shooter's floor. last night country singer jason aldean performed at his first public concert since the massacre. coming up in 15 minutes, we'll hear his message to fans. philadelphia is facing an ultimatum from the federal government. change the sanctuary city status or risk losing funding from washington. that word came from the justice department yesterday. the dodge claims the city -- the doj claims the city is breaking the law. the mayor says philadelphia is following the law by sending this message to immigrants -- >> we're going to protect them. we're going to follow the law and listen to what the judiciary tells us, but we are not going to abandon them. >> yesterday the mayor added he
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will not be intimidated by the federal government. sanctuary cities, by the way, are local governments that limit police cooperation with federal immigration authorities. 6:05. a cry for more help. people in the caribbean are stn still suffering after the -- are still suffering after the federal hurricanes. yesterday the president threatened to pull federal resources out of puerto rico. 84% still don't have power after hurricane maria. more than one-third don't have running water. only 8% of the roads are passable. yesterday the acting homeland security secretary made a third trip to puerto rico. elaine duke was there to oversee the distribution of hurricane aid and assess the response effort. the u.s. virgin islands are also in dire need of help. sarah hess and her husband live on st. thomas but evacuated to her family's home in south jersey when hurricane irma made landfall.
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you see the impact of the storm on their house in the tropics. they took this video. the virgin islands' official facebook page said yesterday that it was the last day fema was handing out emergency food and water. hess tells us the island needs more attention. >> i can only imagine the desperation and hopelessness that people will feel. i mean, it's -- talk about kicking somebody when they're down. there's a sentiment of we don't want to be forgotten. we don't want to be lost. >> sarah says it will be at at least three months before she and her husband can return to st. thomas. 6:06 on this friday. about 57 degrees outside the nbc10 studios. here is a live look over center city. a bit of a breezy morning out there. >> yeah, you see the flags there. i think it might be breezy throughout the day. let's get details from meteorologist krystal klei and the most accurate weather forecast. >> breezy today, not as windy as yesterday, though. everything today is a lighter version of what we saw yesterday. we can still see light rain in today's forecast. it's going to be isolated or spotty in nature.
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we'll continue that into saturday. 60s today, but then a weekend warming trend. it's a serious one. from 60s to 70s to spots in the 80s by sunday. feels like summer again. here's the radar and satellite. a nice, wide view showing us the clouds are spilling in across the area. they're going from to stick today. we'll continue with mostly cloudy conditions. we also see the speckles of green down south. that is some light rain trying to make it to the ground or over the ocean. a few spotty showers are possible especially over delaware and south jersey today. even farther into pennsylvania, too. how about our planners. we'll go to philadelphia first. 57 degrees for the current temperature. the time this morning is 6:07 a.m. we'll be at 60 at 10:00 a.m. then around 65 by 2:00 to 4:00. the temperature will peak right in the mid to upper 60s for the official highs today. look at the winds, that's the difference.
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instead of 15 to 20 miles per hour, 10 to 15. breezy out there. at the jersey shore, not as windy there. although again, breezy. winds sustaining around 15. 63 currently. the upper 60s for high temperatures today at the shore. and we'll finish off here in new jersey. right now, we're at 55 degrees. winds at ten miles per hour. by your lunch hour, we should get into the low to mid 60s. pretty much where we'll stay in the afternoon. i think the forecast highs will cap in the mid 60s with winds around seven miles per hour. again, coming from the east, keeping temperatures low. those winds, they shift as we go into the weekend. we'll talk about the warmup coming up. 6:08. minutes ago i tweeted to followers @vaisicahama. the detour is 70 miles.
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traveling between 9:00 tonight and 4:00, pay attention. this is happening because there's a bridge in allentown that needs to be demolish and respe replaced. southbound you'll be force off at the pocono interchange. northbound, you'll be forced off at lehigh valley interchange. the alternates for this detour or for this construction project is route 22, route 33, and i high 80. there will be those posted detours for you. just follow along depending which way you go depending which road you want to hop on to. we'll look at cherry hill, new jersey. looking at 295 at 70. everything's moving smoothly. the majors are looking good. elsewhere, we're still seeing some closures to route 130. this is at riverton road and cinnaminson township. a downed pole. you see traffic is backing up, and the complete closure of the southbound lanes. i'm keeping my eye on that. i'll let you know as soon as it clears. >> thank you. coming up, delivering hate. racist flyers show up in
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thousands of namailboxes. how local communities are coming together and pushing back. also, the marathon man. an injured vet takes on a monumental task, and the latest mission runs through our area this morning. up next, death and devastation. wildfires continue to rip across california. how crews are working to contain the flames.
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6:1 3. out west, wildfires in california have burned their way to a disturbing record. flames and smoke have killed 31 people, making the fires the deadliest in california's history. overnight the fires continued to pick up as did the efforts to stop them. crews are working to rescue people in the path of the flames. in fact, a pair of helicopter
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pilots risked their lives to rescue a family of five surrounded by sapphire. -- by fire. a pennsylvania woman and her family we've been telling you about who were freed during a rescue in afghanistan have just left pakistan. the taliban captured the couple while they were hiking in 2012. caitlyn coleman, her husband joshua boyle, and their children, were rescued by pakistani forces wednesday nights. coleman is originally from stewartstown in york county. the family of the husband says they are relieved. >> for the first time in five years we got to hear his voice. it was amazing. >> the pakistani military were able to pull off the rescue thanks to a tip from u.s. intelligence. the family is asking for privacy. a marine veteran on a mission to run 31 marathons in 31 cities in 31 days will take his journey through philadelphia today. rob jones is his name. and he lost both legs when he stopped on a bum in afghanistan.
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-- a bomb in afghanistan. his injury makes the goal even more ambitious. in less than an hour he will start at the temple university boathouse and make several trips up and down the schuylkill river trail. next time you're at the wells fargo center, you'll notice a new statue. next thursday comcast will dedicate a nine-foot statue of the late fly years' owner, ed snyder. it will take place on the 50th anniversary of the first-ever philadelphia flyers home game in 1967. snyder died in program, 2016, after a -- died in april, 2016, after a battle with cancer. he was 83 years old. the fight for amazon's second headquarters will take center stage today at university city. today students at penn's wharton school of business will deliver final presentations on philadelphia's efforts to bring the online retail giant to town. they are deciding how much pitch the students' ideas to amazon.
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the mayor will be on hand for the events. >> proud penn alum here. let's get an update on the downed pole in south jersey. >> pam? >> it's still taking place, still causing problems on the southbound lanes of route 130 at riverton road. this is the actual closure right here. then you see where the backup stretches further back. the best thing, you can take route 130. i would say to take a side street, get off and hop on river road to get around the detour or accident that's taking place. let's look at the blue route at baltimore pike. everything is looking good on the majors. no trouble spots to speak of. there is a issue with the northeast extension. it's happening this weekend. construction, a bridge repair taking place. i'll tell you how to get around
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it when i come back. >> thanks. 6:16. let's take a live look outside. the italian market. yeah. >> ninth street? >> busy tomorrow. >> go, rocky! nice. still dark out there. i think it will be cloudy during the day. we'll complex in with krystal klei and more including the italian market. >> a dreary day. we're not going to see so much rain like we did yesterday morning. we are going to keep the clouds around, the cooler air and breezy conditions. the first alert radar, we don't have much. spots of green at the delaware beaches. sprinkles possibly making it to the ground, misting over there. but everywhere else, it is dry with just clouds in place. let's take about the weather setup. a couple of things that are influencing us. high pressure sits to our northeast. rotation around high pressure, wraps this way. low pressure which typically will bring more stormy weather, maybe rain, higher winds, that's
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to the south. and the rotation wraps this way. kind of a funnel effect brings a nice onshore flow. it will be sea breezy. we're at the in between now. not stormy today but not perfectly sunny either. we keep with the clouds. temperatures actually will just be average for this time of year today. although it sounds cool. this is typical. 68 in center city. 66 for summerton. lansdale. i think there will be more low 60s over the suburbs, lehigh valley, berks county. mid 60s are possible. in new jersey, hammondton up to 67. upper 60s for the jersey shore. that ocean influence, onshore flow, keeps the temperatures close to the ocean temperature which happens to be at 67. and spot showers are possible. a little isolated shower over southern delaware also likely today. it would be light, spotty in nature. 69 rehoboth beach today. here's the hour-by-hour model to show you what i was talking
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about. sprinkles at 2:30 in the afternoon. notice the light green. some of this might not make it to the ground because it will be so light. the models are gracious with the scattered showers extending so far north even into this evening. this is at 9:00. if you have plans, for most part you're fine. you may want to snag the umbrella if you have the perfect hairstyle and don't want to ruin it. a sprinkle is possible tonight. even into tomorrow morning. this is at 8:00 a.m. a shower here or there. scattered showers south through 4:00. the good news, it dies into the overnight which means sunday will look better off. here's the weekend forecast. saturday, 76 in philly. 82 on sunday. many spots getting to 80 like new jersey and delaware by sunday. sunday's looking more dry. a mix of clouds and sun starting cloudier, more sunny in the afternoon. if you have plans for sunday, i'll be at dilworthtown wine festival. the event is called crushing cancer. i'll be there. 80 at 2:00.
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around there through 4:00 p.m., dry, as well. a lot of events going on in october. if you want to check those, go to and search "fall." >> good thing the weather will cooperate on sunday. thanks. coming up, a wild win for the cubbies. how they handled the nationals to land a spot in the nlcs. plus, the boss on broadway. we'll show you bruce springsteen's opening night in the big apple. looks like you found a better way to do this, dad.
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free-range chickens. organic free-range chickens, non-gmo, 100% vegetarian fed - raised with no antibiotics ever! we should post this. perdue. raising more organic chickens than anyone in america. hashtag organic. all the hashtags! our thoughts and prayers with everyone who was injured and everybody who was there. people may not have physical scars. this was -- it's going to be a mental thing for a lot of people for a long time. >> that was jason aldean paying tribute to the victims of the las vegas massacre. last night his bands played the first public concert since the shooting. they were on stage when the gunman opened fire on the crowd of concertgoers in las vegas
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killing 58 and injuring hundreds more. [ cheers ] bruce is celebrating his newest venture. the rock & roll hall of famer show "springsteen on broadway" opened in new york. he talks about opening in freehold, new jersey, and his persona. it runs through the beginning of february. the cubs' dream of winning back-to-back world series titles is still alive. chicago pulled off the victory from the washington nationals in a win or go home fifth game of the national league division series. the cubs trailed before scoring four runs in the fifth off cy young winner matt scherzer. cubs 9, nats 8. chicago will face the dodgers in the national league championship series. good morning. pamela osborne in the first alert traffic center for jessica
6:25 am
boyington. watching an issue that you need to know about on the northeast extension. it's a bridge repair that's going to be taking place. there's a closure that's going to go into effect beginning at 9:00. it will go through 4:00 a.m. monday. i'll tell you how to get around it. first, meteorologist krystal klei. let's look outside. the flags turning around on top of the aramark building. sunrise at 7:-10 a.m. we'll tell -- 7:10 a.m. we'll tell you about the weekend forecast coming up. also ahead, we are following some breaking news overnight in the effort to reform health care. this morning the reaction following the trump administration's late night surprise. plus, all the right moves. the eagles deliver in primetime. put down the panthers. how they celebrated the win. >> go, malcolm.
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taking aim at obamacare. the trump administration makes a late-night move to stop certain subsidies that help low-income americans pay for health insurance. hate mail. racist flyers turn up in thousands of mail boxes. local communities are coming together. dancing to victory. the eagles drop the panthers in the primetime match-up. and the moves in the locker room. >> i think all of philadelphia is feeling like that. >> good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm via sikahema. >> i'm rosemary connors. it is just before 6:30 on this friday the 13th. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the cool start to friday. >> comparing yesterday's
6:30 am
temperatures at this time to today's, six degrees cooler in allentown and trenton. four degrees cooler in mt. holly, at least a couple degrees cooler in wilmington and dover. we're a little cooler to start. here are the actual numbers, 50s. 50 allentown, 53 trenton. coatesville, 54. philadelphia at 57, and a few in south jersey, the shore in the low 60s currently. later today, we will stick to the 60s. radar and satellite for us, clouds across the region, but really no rain in comparison to yesterday. a good bit falling across the area. sussex county, the delaware beaches, i think that's where things will be focused. around this area. quite a few showers making their way north. yes. isolated, spotty at best. we'll check the temperature trend the next few hours. we're at 57 now. we're only getting to about the mid 60s here by lunchtime. upper 60s for highs possible. that's it. if you like 80s, we've got those
6:31 am
for your weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. now to traffic and pamela osborne. thank you. we'll start off on the northeast extension. we have a major closure to tell you about. it goes into effect beginning at 9:00 tonight and stretches until 4:00 a.m. monday morning. this is right near allentown. southbound traffic is going to be forced off at the pocono interchange, and northbound traffic is going to be forced off at lehigh valley. an old bridge needs to be demolish and replaced. route 23 and i-80. watching the vehicle accident at route 100, northbound, and east philadelphia avenue overpass. something to be aware of there. let's look at the a.c. expressway. before i go, you see traffic moving smoothly in either direction. i am watching a problem spot on route 130 in jersey. i'll tell you more when we come back. >> see you shortly. thanks. breaking overnight, the trump administration is taking aim at obamacare.
6:32 am
the president says he will end payments to insurers that help lower income americans afford health insurance premiums. this all comes after yesterday's executive order that changes mandates to the affordable care act. the president says it will bring affordable health care to millions of people. democrats disagree. nbc10's matt delucia is live in our digital operations center following the fallout. fill us in here, matt. >> reporter: the white house is defending this decision. the democrats have condemned this as a spiteful act that would hike premiums. we're talking about the cost-sharing reduction payments. it reimburses your insurance company for in return lowering your out-of-pocket costs. the white house says it cannot lawfully make the payments. the cost sharing helps nearly six million people, mainly people are lower incomes. the president was considering cutting off payments in order to increase pressure on lawmakers to repeal obamacare, the
6:33 am
affordable care act. this may move have happened while you're sleeping. a lot of folks waking up to the news. we talked with a couple of people in philadelphia to get their thoughts. >> the people who are low income and whatever and can't pay for insurance, what are they supposed to do? it's a sad situation. it is. >> lots of new mothers having babies. the ones who aren't work, they don't go to the doctor. then it's affecting their entire family. >> reporter: the president said this on twitter, "the democrats' obamacare is imploding. massive subsidy payments to their pet insurance companies have stopped. dems should call me to fix." insurers have already submitted their premiums for 2018. in many cases, they raised rates on the assumption that the cost-sharing reduction payments would be cut off. live in the digital operations center, matt delucia, nbc10 news. today we're expecting president trump to announce that
6:34 am
he will not certify the iran nuclear deal even though the u.s. will still be part of the pac. decertification would give congress 60 days to decide whether to reimpose sanctions on iran. the eagles are off to their best start in years following a tough win on the road at carolina on thursday night football. >> carson wentz had the ossoossoff -- the offense clicking again. he threw three touchdowns to start off the third quarter. and the eagles' defense made it hold up when jalen mills intercepted cam newton in the red zone late in the game. jeffrey lurie, a happy owner, with the 5-1 division lead. the players pretty pleased with themselves, too. >> we stayed together the whole game. different pressure looks we hadn't seen. that's difficult on a short week. we found a way to win.
6:35 am
>> we're like a family. you know, for the d.b.s, you know, we really helped each  other. >> deep, right? the birds are off until a week from monday when they host washington. "eagles game day final" this sunday at 9:30 right here on nbc10, your official eagles station. talk about the city of brotherly love, take a look at this sweet tweeting between eagles -- >> lot of love. carson wentz posted "i love this team, let's keep this thing rolling. fly, eagles fly." and the tweet back, "i love you, bro." ♪ a brick house you want to take this one? >> he's mighty, mighty. >> eagles going old school with the locker room celebration after the win. several birds put on some funky tunes. dancing to the commodores' 1977 hit "brick house." . and atomic dog there.
6:36 am
we'll take it. john d. kelly in philadelphia will remain closed as crews continue to remove mold from a building. a workerse sent us pictures of what appears to be mold on a pipe in the school. workers say the cleanup is almost finished, but they won't reopen until all the mold is gone. parents will learn sunday evening if classes will be back in session on monday. meanwhile, neighbors in montgomery county who were targeted by hate mail are pushing back to show they don't tolerate racism. >> the white supremacy flyers showed up in more than 5,000 mailboxes in the upper valley this week. the sender took notes about the appearance of people's homes when coming up with where to address the messages. erin dunphy found one addressed to a proud american. she thinks it has to do with the fact that there's a flag outside her house. other notes were labeled to an eagles fan, a good gardener and "crazy cat lady." inside, there were illustrations, symbols, and messages promoting a white supremacy group.
6:37 am
>> i realized why don't i do something to try and show this is not upper perc. there is not our community. >> dunphy is raising money to put no-hate signs in yards all over. the event called one valley united is planned for sunday night. 6:37. new details reveal the murder of a 19-year-old lehigh valley man following a crash started with a fight over text messages. candles marked the spot where carlos richiez was killed. officers say it began at a house in allentown. two groups met to talk about texts some thought were inappropriate. it turned into an argument, and then everyone left the house, but they left in two separate cars. the cars ended up crashing, and police say christian diaz de jesus shot richiez. the suspect is facing a murder charge. 6:37 on this friday. a gun live wielding man wearing -- gun-wielding man wearing a skull mask is terrorizing
6:38 am
convenience stores in two counties in our region. police believe he's robbed stores in warminster and upper southampton townships in bucks county. he's also suspected of robbing stores in uppermoreland and upper dublin townships in montgomery county. investigators say he takes cash and cigarettes. they're trying to determine if it's the same guy involved in all of the incidents. 6:38. and it's feeling like it's fall, it is fall. 57 degrees out there. starting to get light right now. it's going to be cloudy throughout the day. let's check in with first alert meteorologist krystal klei with the details. >> you're right. cloudy conditions right now. that's expected to last. all of our friday, a dreary day because of that. gray, cool, still kind of damp from yesterday. here's the good news -- if you were not a fan of the rain, we won't have nearly as much today. almost no rain falling across the region now. just a few sprinkles this week. it may spread north throughout
6:39 am
the daytime hours meaning an isolated shower, a spot shower here or there is possible. that's it. neighborhood planners, cloudy throughout, here 58 degrees at 9:00 a.m. rather, 8:00 a.m. by 4:00, 65 degrees. forecasting the high to cap right around 68 in philadelphia. that would be the warmest. spots will stay in the mid 60s, many locations in the suburbs with low 60s for highs. the lehigh valley, berks county, the same. 50 now, only about 60 later. and some low to mid 60s for highs are possible, mostly on the lower end. delaware, 59 degrees, 8:00 a.m. 64 by noon. for new jersey, 56, up to 65 degrees. about where we will stop. in new jersey along the jersey shore, cloudy but upper 60s for highs. the ocean air influence going to keep temperatures on the warmer end of our region today. afternoon highs, wednesday, high of 79. well above average for this time of year.
6:40 am
feeling more summeresque than fall. yesterday, it really did feel like fall. we only hit 63 in the afternoon. and today, around average, 68 is average for this time of year. look at the rise. saturday into sunday, we go 76 to 82 degrees by sunday. now, saturday if you will be heading out to the linc for the uconn and temple game, tailgaters will start at 67 degrees. possibly a spot shower through noon kickoff. 76 for the high in the arch. >> thanks. 6:40 on this friday. a lot of folks getting up. last day of the workweek and school week. >> pamela osborne, we've been following the situation in cinnaminson since we came on the air almost three hours ago, right? give us the details. >> yeah. basically what we're dealing with now is route 130. the northbound latinas. seeing a slowdown. it's the southbound lanes that are the real problem here. there's a downed pole right at riverton avenue as a result of a vehicle accident. you see where traffic has just completely stopped there. if you can, i'd say take the
6:41 am
side streets, get yourself to river root, and bypass the accident. like i said, i've been seeing closures since we went on this morning. also want you to know if you're headed into jersey, taking the walt whitman bridge, there's a slowdown because the right lane is closed. something to keep in mind as you're headed out. allow yourself extra time. also watching a vehicle accident out in lansdale. this is main street and mitchell avenue. a big construction project happening on the pennsylvania turnpike. i'll talk more about that when i come back. >> thank you. coming up, stealing from charity, how two thieves caused thousands of dollars of damage at a local habitat for humanity. on the mend. how former eagle jon dorenbos is sharing his recovery from heart surgery with his fans.
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thieves in cumberland county caused damage. one threw a brick down the window of the habitat for humanity store. the donation bucket contained less than $100, but police are searching for the trees. the brandywine aspca is caring for 60 more animals. the spca says this is the second time this week crews have rescued a large number of neglected animals. the group is asking for your help to adopt the pets or to donate money to care for them. some chester county parents tell us they are concerned. sunoco's pipeline project is too close for comfort. sunoco will use the mariner east 2 pipeline to transport natural gas liquids across pennsylvania. last night at westchester east
6:46 am
high school, the school district held a hazardous materials meeting. the superintendent presented plans for students in the event of a spill or leak. some parents are not convinced the construction is safe. >> i live 1,200 feet from the pipeline. my children go to school 100 feet from the palestine. i work 1,000 feet from the palestine. >> one thing i want to get more from sunoco would be the communications protocol. immediately know if there is a breach in that pipe. >> in the event of an emergency leak, the school district says all students will be brought inside the building. the school will shut off the hvac system, and parents will need to pick up kids if an evacuation is necessary. a philadelphia sports hero is putting it out there baring his emotions on line. >> he is. former eagles' long snapper jon dorenbos shared a special post on instagram last night. it's been a month since dorn boss had lifesaving surgery.
6:47 am
he thanked his wife and the staff at the pennsylvania hospital. he included a video of himself taking a shower for the first time after the operation. >> it's unbelievable. oh, my god. >> team doctors from the new orleans saints made the lifesaving discovery of an aortic aneurysm during a physical that was routine as part of the trade just after the eagles sent him to -- to new orleans in august. >> can you imagine? >> amazing. >> incredible. this is pretty incredible. this weekend, a breast cancer survivor is giving back, helping women who are going through the same fight she endured. carol seed became a zumba instructor after her cancer treatment. for the second year in a row, she will hold a zumba-thon to raise money for the cancer center at the university of pennsylvania. >> when you look around the room, you see smiles on people's faces because it's such a joyous
6:48 am
experience. >> the zoom about-thon runs from 9 -- zumba-thon runs from 9:00 to 11:00 inside the gym on penn's campus. this will also be raffle prizes. a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. >> savannah guthrie and craig melvin in for matt joins us for a preview. your husband must be feeling the joy that all eagles fans are. a big win last night. >> that's right. he stayed up late. i heard a lot of happy sports e -- exclamations. coming up, the wildfires in california are already the deadliest in the state history. even more dangerous. live on the front lines. also ahead, overnight developments in the harvey weinstein scandal. the new criminal investigations he's facing and why amazon is being accused of looking the other way. those stories and who doesn't like the sound of this?
6:49 am
free money on "rossen to the resc rescue." new ways to turn your unwanted junk into cold, hard cash. we've got junk. see you in a few minutes on "today." >> see you in a few minutes. we'll take a live look outside toward the pocono mountains. cute, beautiful picture. >> a little cloudy. >> cloudy, but the sun's coming through. we'll take it. >> we need details from krystal klei. better than yesterday with all the rain coming down. it is cool out there. grab the sweater or jacket before you head out the door. the numbers in the lehigh valley and berks county, reading, 53. blandon the same, spots at 50 like whitehall. 51 allentown and bethlehem, down to 49. 40s on the board, as well. the afternoon feeling like fall with temperatures perfectly average. making their way to about the mid to upper 60s. radar and satellite view, a nice, tight view over us.
6:50 am
the clouds spread across the board. difference is we don't have the rain spread across the board lake yesterday. instead, a few spotty showers trying to make their way to the surface over the delaware beaches. i think today that some of these showers may spread farther north. could you give a brief sprinkle overhead, yes, but we're not going to see much today. a drier forecast than yesterday. here's the hour by hour to show what you're talking about. i think the computer model is being gracious with the rain that it provides. it does show off how spotty in nature anything that falls will be. starting to extend near the i-95 corridor by 2:30. then it could spread farther north as we get into the overnight hours. the rotation wraps around here. spreads through your saturday morning. tomorrow morning, as you get out the door, spot showers are expected. the spotty showers continue into the afternoon. again, isolated in nature. not going to ruin any plans you have. do prep that you may see rain if you're outdoors tomorrow. there's so many different events, festivals going on tomorrow and sunday. just be prepared.
6:51 am
you could see a little shower. if you want to know about the events and festivals going on, we've got a big list on our website. type in "fall" when you see the search glass. as we go overnight, clouds in place into early sunday. sunday, it's going to be the drier day of the next few. take a look at the three-day outlook. cloudy today, 68 in philadelphia. 76 tomorrow. warming up. still spotty showers. sunday, a mix of clouds and sun. and look at that, up to 82 degrees. if you're out on sunday, do not bring the sweater along. in the suburbs, 66 today. 73 tomorrow. the lehigh valley, 78 by sunday. how about in new jersey. 68 on friday. up to 80 for sunday. at the shore, up to 79 sunday. in delaware today, 68 and cloudy. spot showers tomorrow, 74 degrees. for your fall foliage report, look across the region. of course the peak color coming up in the farthest northeast parts of the country here. in our neck of the woods for the delaware valley, the best colors will be late october into early
6:52 am
november. right now, starting to see more of the moderate changeover in colors. the drive along mlk my favorite this time of year. >> mine, too. thanks. 6:52. something tells me this will be one of those mornings you want to give yourself a little extra time want don't dawdle when you're heading out. >> dawdle, a good word. pamela osborne, there's a problem on the schuylkill near penn. >> yeah. some of the trouble spots we're seeing pop up this morning. they actually moved the camera a little. you see down there there was a vehicle accident. these cars in the westbound side of the schuylkill expressway. right around university avenue. blocking the far left lane. it's not closed but slowing traffic headed westbound on the schuylkill. also want to let you know about a major construction project that's happening this weekend. it goes into effect at 9:00 tonight. stretches into 4:00 a.m. monday on the northeast extension. if you're going southbound, you're going to be forced off at the pocono interchange. they're doing this so they can
6:53 am
demolish a bridge and replace it with a new one. they're doing this in 55 hours. the lehigh valley, going northbound, that's where you'll be forced off. the alternates for that are route 22, route 33, and i-80. >> all right. thanks. i should admit, i am notorious for dawdling first thing in the morning. >> it was really for you? >> yes. we are getting ready for another big night of high school football action. >> here's your high school blitz game of the week. it was a close one. but you voted for camden, catholic at shawnee. we'll have complete highlights in this game as well as the other two. and all of the games in the region on nbc10 news at 11:00.
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6:57 am
here are stories we're following in the day ahead -- >> wildfires in california have burned their way to a disturbing record. 31 people killed by flames and smoke, making these fires the deadliest in california's history. crews are working to rescue as many people as possible. a pair of helicopter pilots risked their lives to rescue a family of five surrounded by fire. we're expecting president trump to announce that he will not expert few the iran nuclear deal even though the u.s. will still be part of the pact. the president is no fan of the deal brokered during the obama administration. the congress would have 60 days whether to reimpose sanctions on iran. in philadelphia, energy secretary rick perry will be in town to meet with local business leaders and industry experts. the forum at penn's landing will focus on what the region brings to the table when it comes to pipeline projects. oil refining and invasion, as well. target is kicking off its holiday hiring push.
6:58 am
the retailer is holding job fairs from 10:00 this morning until 6:00 this evening at all of their stores across the region. in total, target is looking to fill 1,000 seasonal positions. in a few minutes, a marine veteran will begin a marathon in philadelphia. he's on a mission to run 31 marathons in 31 cities in 31 days. rob jones lost both legs when he stepped on a bomb in afghanistan. his injury makes his goal even more ambitious. jones will start at the temple university boathouse and then make several trips up and down the schuylkill river trail. starting off on the northeast extension. this weekend, you may be impacted by a construction project that's taking place. it starts at 9:00 tonight, stretches until 4:00 a.m. monday morning. what they're doing is replacing a bridge. if you're going southbound, you'll be routed off at the pocono interchange.
6:59 am
northbound, you'll have to get off at the lehigh valley. here are your alternates. route 22, route 33, and i-80, that's the way around this. we're going to listen to weather with krystal klei. let's take one look at the ten-day forecast to wrap up this hour. 68 degrees the temperature for today. still feeling like fall. breezy, dreary, cloudy, as well. an isolated shower and sprinkles possible. tomorrow, a few scattered, spotty showers possible especially in the first half of the day. 76 for the temperature. then 82 on your sunday. that's the warm spot on our ten-day forecast. we're also dry for your sunday. a mix of sun and clouds and sun. monday early, we could see more showers as the front passes before we drop back to the 60s next week. >> looking more like late summer than early fall with the 80s and 70s. >> just such a roller coaster. we had six days of 80s, then a dip. back to the 80s this weekend. >> y've got the wine tasting this weekend? >> yes. for a good cause. to help crush cancer is what they're saying.
7:00 am
if you can get out, always a fun event. >> have a great day. good morning, breaking overnight. those california wildfires now the deadliest in the state's history. at least 31 killed. and officials fear more victims will be found in what's left of thousands of homes. among those destroyed, the home of peanuts creator charles m. schultz. his widow forced to flee just before flames engulfed it. the president takes the healthcare fight into his own hands. the surprise move overnight that could dismantle key parts of obamacare. serious allegations, actress rose mcgowan becomes the fourth woman to claim she was raped by harvey weinstein. could weinstein wind up behind


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